Thursday, January 15, 2009

Jason Howden Associate - IT Systems (BIM & IPD) Manager - Archaus Architects

Based in Wellington, New Zealand, Jason has worked for leading architectural practises in both New Zealand and the UK. Jason’s 14-year career in Architecture has seen him working as an Architectural CAD Technician, 3D Visualisation Artist and later as a CAD/IT/BIM Manager on some very interesting projects including one of New Zealand’s first Integrated Project Delivery (IDP) projects.

Since 2006 Jason has been heavily involved in the adoption of Autodesk Revit into existing design studios and has developed several streamlined workflows to help enable design teams to get the most from this very powerful software application. In 2007 Jason founded to develop advanced productivity tools for Revit that provide an instant return on investment to design offices using Revit.

Jason is passionate about BIM and IPD and how these technologies and work processes can change the way construction projects are ultimately built, actively promoting them in the construction industry in New Zealand and aboard from his blog.

Jason also writes a regular technology column in the e-newsletter Spe[a]k and was a founding member of the Wellington Revit Users Group, RUGWELL, to help promote the adoption of BIM Technologies in the AEC community in New Zealand. Jason was a guest speaker at RTC2008, Autodesk Super Users Tour 2008 and AU 2008 where he lectured on the integration of Revit and 3DS Max in a design office."

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