Saturday, January 10, 2009

Welcome / Introduction

I purchased the domain name right after I came back from Autodesk University 2008. I met so many intriguing people that all knew so much more than me, but some of them told me how much more I knew than they did.

I decided that I would try to create a global organization/team of BIM experts that could change the world. I really just got the name originally to forward to my main blog, but during a conversation I was having today with Sara Sweeney of fame, I had an inspirational thought. Why not create a website where we could put all our resources together, people, places, ideas, software, hardware, concepts, studies, success stories, real life experiences and more so people wouldn't have to struggle.

It's like the Borg and we are the collective. All of our minds are on the same thought. Changing the world. Sustainable Design. LEED. Green Building, BIM. IPD. Leaving the world a better place for our great grandchildren.

Since it's my blog, I nominate, second and vote myself President. Sara Sweeney is the first charter member and I nominate, second and vote for her to be Vice President unless someone offers me money and she's out of here like that. Just kidding Sara. Topical political humor.

This isn't going to be like Twitter, Facebook or Linked In. You really have to know your stuff to be a part of the organization. Will this end up being a free service/website or something where people have to pay for our resources, knowledge and expertise? I don't know. We'll see how it all works out. We all need to earn a living and we all know how time consuming it is to tell the story.

So, here's goes nothing......let's get the BIM Brain started!!!!!

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  1. Sounds like a good idea, best of luck to you and Sara!


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