Wednesday, August 26, 2009

James Salmon - IPD BIM Brain

James Salmon

President of Collaborative Construction and Founder at Collaborative BIM Advocates

President of Collaborative Construction and Founder at Collaborative BIM Advocates
James L. Salmon is the President of Collaborative Construction Resources, (Collaborative Construction) LLC and the founder of Collaborative BIM Advocates, a network of like-minded professionals interested in achieving integrated project delivery (IPD). Collaborative Construction empowers stakeholders in the U.S Construction Industry to utilize collaborative agreements, BIM and lean construction methods to deliver integrated construction services more efficiently and more productively. As a construction lawyer James spent 15 years defending and pursuing construction claims on behalf of owners, architects, engineers and contractors.

James is now a leader in the collaborative construction revolution sweeping the industry. He is a member of the National Building Information Model Standards (NBIMS) Project Committee and the Build SMART Alliance's Business Process Integration Task Team, (BPITT), James advocates the use of collaborative agreements, BIM and lean construction methods because these tools exponentially increase productivity and efficiency, saving owners money and earning higher profits for others. The U.S. Construction Industry is desperately seeking a better business model and James is working hard to provide it!

Under James' leadership CCR hosted a National Teleconference Series exploring how best to put the new generation of Collaborative Agreements to work on actual projects. Ultimately, James formulated the innovative IPD in 3D™ Program that helps construction industry stakeholders purchase and deliver planning, design, construction and maintenance services more efficientyl


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  1. Good to know : as of now, you can import an IFC file into VisualARQ -

  2. Its good things.


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